How you can join

There are various ways you can join in Relay for Life Penang 2017. You can

  • form or join a team
  • join as an individual
  • become a sponsor
  • make a donation
  • become a volunteer
  • join our organising committee

Form or join a team
Teams are the life-blood of Relay for Life. Anyone and everyone is encouraged to form a team, of about 10 people, to participate both in the campaign and in the actual Relay event.

Teams are asked to pay RM30 per person, which gets all team members a Relay For Life Penang 2017 fantastic T-Shirt. Members are asked to help raise money and help spread the key messages about cancer.

You can still register on-site but the registration will be RM40 per person.

There are many opportunities available to teams and their members for fund-raising and spreading awareness. Check out the ideas below. (link to Fund Raising Ideas lower on the page)

RFL 2017 TEAM Registration Form

RFL 2017 Registration Form

Join as an individual
If you cannot form or join a team, you can join as an individual. Similar to the conditions for teams you pay RM30 and get the T-shirt.

Relay For Life is Fun

Teams and individuals signing up for Relay are encouraged to have fun!

At the event, don’t be shy about dressing up – your team is welcome to come in fancy dress! And of course name your team and bring a suitable placard or banner to colour up the walk and broadcast your presence. Check out our gallery to see previous year examples.

Become a sponsor
The incidence of cancer in Penang is increasing. It will affect your employees, your customers, their friends and families. Getting involved in Relay For Life as a company or organisation will win you recognition as a key participant in the fight against cancer. As a demonstration of social responsibility, involvement in Relay For Life is a very positive step.

Further, given that Relay For Life lasts some several months from Launch to actual Relay, it provides an excellent time-frame for sponsorship mileage.

There are a number of ways you can get involved as a company or organisation:

  • sponsoring Relay For Life materials, events or tents, where your name can be highlighted.
  • forming one or more teams to take part in the culminating Relay event in Stadium Olahraga, USM. Teams can choose their name and can design a (company) banner to carry on the day.
  • organising a talk/exhibition about cancer – we can supply materials and speakers;
  • showing the Relay For Life video to your staff or at a meeting;
  • making a donation to Relay For Life.

Check out our Sponsorship page for more details.

Make a donation
Anyone can make a donation and it all helps to support on-going work with regard to cancer. Donations are tax-exempt if they are over RM50.00 – we will supply a tax-exempt receipt. Every little bit helps. So get donating …… and please make cheques payable to The National Cancer Society of Malaysia. Many thanks.

Become a volunteer
There is a lot of work to do to organise Relay for Life Penang 2017, with all the different elements of organising Relay always needing help. If you have time on your hands, give us a call to check what you could do. Talk to Liza at (04) 228 4140.

Join our organising committee
Or alternatively, how about joining our committee? There are lots of tasks to do, and we have different sub-committees for different things. We always need more help, so again, call us – we would love to hear from you.

Fund-raising ideas
Besides fundraising through the donation cards, there are lots of other things you can do to help raise funds.

  • Make and sell stuff for Relay.
  • Organise a carwash with proceeds to Relay.
  • Get yourself sponsored for, e.g., cutting your hair, walking up Penang Hill, running a half marathon, whatever. Make clear the proceeds will go to Relay.
  • Organise a stall of all your unwanted things (and your friends’): maybe at Little Penang Street Market. Proceeds to Relay.
  • Get your college to have a day of events for Relay – call us if you want help with ideas etc. Maybe get your college to match any money raised…

Call us if you need any help or more ideas. The more your team gets involved in fund raising, the more you will involve others and help spread the messages of Relay. Let’s do it! As well as help make lives better!




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