Relay For Life Penang

The Relay For Life 2017 will be held on 30 September (from 4 pm to 12 midnight) and will resume the next day on Sunday 1 October 2017 (from 7 am till closing ceremony at 10 am) at Stadium Olahraga, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Minden, Penang.   Teams RELAY (team members take turns) around the track to symbolise the on-going fight against cancer.  

Relay For Life is a family event that transforms the Stadium into a carnival with music, games, dances, entertainment, food, spot prizes, lucky draw and an assortment of other activities to keep the old, as well as the young, happy. 

The Relay start with a brief opening ceremony at about 5.45 pm. Then the survivors – who are our guests of honour – will walk the first lap, accompanied by their family, friends and carers, at 6 pm to signal the start of Relay For Life.

For Relay purposes, a survivor is anyone who is living with cancer.  In one Relay, a woman took part who had just been diagnosed with cancer – the same day.  She is a survivor!

The Luminaria (lighting ceremony)

Sundown - Luminaria begins

This special ceremony, held between 8.00 pm and 8.30 pm, commemorates loved ones who have struggled against cancer.  A battery-operated candles are lit around the track, and people are welcome to buy a luminaria bag, personalise it, and join in the remembrance ceremony. We ask everyone to stop Relay for half an hour and to respect this time by being silent.

We read a poem, sing a song or tell a story or two.  For half an hour, we stop relaying to remember why and for whom we relay.

Who are you decorating your Luminaria bags for this year?

2012 Luminaria bags

After the Luminaria, all the teams start Relaying again while the variety show goes on and we always have a great line-up of live entertainment.

– We will thrill you while you Relay! 8.30 onwards ….. yeah!

Throughout the hours, there are lots of games and activities for you to join in all around the field from various participating teams …and lots of wonderful prizes for you to win!

In the early hours of the morning, there is fun, fun, fun! Keep on the track and there are plenty of spot prizes, lots of weird laps to do, great time to be had by all!

If you have any ideas – let us know! We love ideas and innovations!




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